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Volunteering Requirements

Hilton Raiders is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. This allows families to participate in a fun and exciting season. The purpose of volunteering is to minimize costs and bring people together. Every family is required to volunteer with our league games that your child participates in.


Volunteer Expectations:

  1.  Every family will be scheduled 2-4 times per season
  2.  All volunteer jobs require approximately 2-3 hours per slot
  3. There is roughly 3-4 home games per season that you may be working
  4. Families may choose to volunteer during other teams game (so you don't miss out on your Childs game)
  5. All Volunteers must be over the age of 18
  6. Please do not bring children with you when you are volunteering

It is your responsibility to know when you have been scheduled, as well as to check the website on a regular basis, as there may be revision after the initial schedule has been released.

If you are unable to make your assigned date/time/ or role, it is the volunteers responsibility to find someone to switch with or find a replacement. Please make sure our Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Bardeen is aware of any changes.

Below you will find a list of volunteer positions that Hilton Raiders offers. You can preference the roles you would prefer when you complete your child's registration form.

Thank you

Position Description Notes
Announcer Home games for C,A,B only. Be the voice of the Raiders!  Must be outgoing, fun and knowledgeable about football. Report to the press box 15 min before scheduled game time.
Clean up x8 Home games only after the last game of the day Tear down field gear, clean up field, bleachers, and surrounding areas, assist in concessions and restroom clean up. Report to the volunteer coordinator by the concessions stand 15 min before the end of the game.
Concessions x8  Home games for C,A,B only. Assist the concession cooks with taking orders, refilling stock, handling money and checking on the restrooms Must be healthy if handling food. Report to the concession stand 15 min before scheduled game time.
Field Crew/Chains x 3 Home games for C,A,B only Each volunteer will hold and move the chains out on the field as needed. Report to head coaches 15 min before scheduled game time.
Flag Referee x 2 Referee the flag football games Must have knowledge of football and basic game rules. Report to head coaches 15 min before scheduled game time.
Medic x1 All C,A,B games Act as medic if needed to render basic first aid if it should be needed and to secure the player prior to medical transport if needed. Must be a qualified medical professional. Report to volunteer coordinator 15 min before scheduled game time.
Monitor x2 All C,A,B games

1 Monitor for each side of the field is needed. Keep track of the plays on the field, ensuring that each child gets a minimum of 5 plays per half. Football knowledge is not necessary. Report to head coach 15 before scheduled game times.

Scoreboard x1 Home games for C,A,B only Responsible for running the scoreboard and keeping track of time as indicated by the spotter and referees on the field. Music will also be played at appropriate times. Report to press box 15 before scheduled game time.
Set up x6 Home games for C,A,B only Set up and bring out equipment needed for the games that day. May include bringing in and setting up merchandise and/or concessions. Report to concession stand 45 min before the first scheduled game time.
Spotter x1

Home games for C,A,B only

Be the eyes of the booth announcer!
Watch all plays on the field and supply them to the announcer so they can relay the plays to the crowd. Must be very knowledgeable about football. Report to the press box 15 min before scheduled game time.
50/50 Raffle x2 Home games for C,A,B only 1 person is responsible for carrying the money and ticket bucket while the other rips and hands out the tickets. Must have a good crowd presence, loud voice and be able to walk both sides of the field. Report to the press box no later than 10 min after the start of the game. Must report back to the press box no later than 1 minute remaining in the first half so the money can be counted and the tickets can be ripped and shuffled for the drawing at half time.